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Faisalabad has made rapid development in the field of the textile industry. It is called the "Manchester of Asia" due to its remarkable growth in the textile sector.

Faisalabad is called Manchester of Pakistan because it's the most significant textile city in Pakistan. All the industries related to textiles are the same as in Manchester in the UK.

These cities are also named Twin cities. This development is due to textile manufacturers' and laborer's pioneer contributions.

Almost 328 textile mills manufacture textile products, which include home linen, bed linen and other accessories.

Faisalabad bed sheets are famous worldwide for their high-quality fabric and eye-catching designs.

Top-quality bed sheets are manufactured here and sold around the world. Faisalabad bed sheets have a large part in the exports of bed sheets.

Some Major names working in the textile industry of Faisalabad and manufacturing bed sheets are:

  • Saleem textile company
  • Faisal Mustafa textile mills
  • JJ fabrics
  • Sitara textile
  • Diamond textile
  • Anwar home textile
  • Jannat textile

These are the top names of Faisalabad's textile sector, which is also a prominent exporter of bed sheets.

Here is a short introduction to the manufacturing mills and their bed sheets.


Saleem textile company has a pioneer name in the textile industry of Pakistan.

The Owners jointly established a company as Zeenat textile mill in 1954. After 1975, they set up spinning and printing mills separately and started exporting textiles around the world.

Saleem textile company was established in 1986 in Faisalabad and made its space in the world textile market.

They produce and export bed sheets, bed linen, printed and dyed bed sheets, bridal bed sheets, blankets, etc.

As a recognized cotton bed sheet manufacturer, they offer a complete range of bed sheets.

They provide 100% cotton bed sheets, silk bed sheets, jacquard bed sheets with pillow covers, flat sheets and fitted sheets etc.

Bed sheets are available in unique designs and attractive prints. They can enhance the beauty of your bedroom.

They provide bed sheets in low-quality of tc 144 and high-quality 300 in white and dyed with the sheet and pillow covers.


Faisal Mustafa textile company was established in 1990 and has achieved tremendous growth in its textile products.

They are known as the house of quality due to their premium fabric, timely deliveries and reasonable prices.

They are offering bed sheets, quilt sets, comforters and sheet sets. Their bed sheets are available in single, double and king sizes.

These bed sheets are also available online. Bed sheets are available with pillow covers and cushion covers.


JJ fabrics is a textile manufacturing and exporting company in Faisalabad, Pakistan. They offer home textile bed sheets, hospital bed sheets, towels, hotel linen, etc.

Their bed sheets are made of pure cotton, poly cotton, satin, cotton satin, polyester cotton satin, CVC, etc.

They always follow international trending designs and colours.

These bed sheets are famous for quality weaving, good dyeing, adorable printing and fine stitching.

Their bed sheets are available in various widths, colours, designs and patterns.

The main features of these bed sheets are durability, soft texture and long-lasting nature. They offer all types of bed sheets at competitive prices.


Sitara textile is doubtlessly gained a lot of appreciation for premium quality textile products.

They provide bed sheets, duvet covers, bedspreads and comforters for the sleep industry.

Their cotton bed sheets gained the 100% confidence of their valued customers.

They are located in Faisalabad and supply bed sheets all over the country and also export them worldwide.

The quality of these FAISALABADI bed sheets ensures that their customers are satisfied and create a mutual bonding between them.

They never misguide customers about thread count or any other information about the product, including the product description.

These bed sheets are available in different sizes with pillow covers and sheets.


Diamond Group of industries was established in 1965 as a textile company. With experience of more than five decades, they have become a 100% vertical manufacturing unit.

They manufacture bed sheets, comforters, pillow covers, mattresses, quilt covers, etc.

Their bed sheets are made of pure cotton, microfiber, poly-cotton, greige, dyed and printed fabrics.

They produce bed sheets in different widths. These Faisalabad bed sheets are dyed and stitched by highly skilled labourers. They also supply bed sheets all over the world.

Manufacturing of these bed sheets is assured by applying strict measures.

The diamond fabric uses modern machinery and skilled labour from weaving to stitching.


Anwar home textile is a famous bed sheet manufacturer of FAISALABAD. They always come up with new ideas and textile trends in the market.

They manufacture bed sheets according to international quality standards.

They provide bed sheets sets, flat/fitted/flat sheets, bedspreads, bed-in bags and comforters.

Bed sheets are available in white, dyed, yarn, and printed forms.

They made bed sheets from pure cotton, poly-cotton and other fabrics.

These Faisalabad bed sheets can satisfy all your requirements like quality weaving, good dyeing, eye-catching designs, adorable printing and standardized stitching.

These superior-quality bed sheets are available at budget-friendly prices locally and internationally.

As textile trends change and development is made in textile equipment, they ensure to follow all these changes.

Anwar home textile works with an experienced and highly qualified production team to meet the day's requirements.


Jannat textile is a manufacturer and wholesaler of textile products in Faisalabad.

They offer crystal bed sheets, cotton bed sheets, satin bed sheets, mattress covers, velvet bed sheets and bridal bed sheet sets.

These bed sheets are available at a reasonable price.

Bed sheets are available with pillow covers and cushion covers in single, double and king sizes. Low-budget people can easily buy from them.

An online shopping facility is also available. The manufacturer of these bed sheets claims colour and durability.


Faisalabad is famous for its textile products like bed sheets. Faisalabad bed sheets manufacturers can execute all production aspects like quality weaving, good dyeing, standardized stitching and excellent printing.

These superior-quality bed sheets are available for customers at reasonable prices.

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