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The textile industry of Pakistan is growing and thriving day by day.

It is the largest manufacturing industry in Pakistan.

Pakistan produces fabrics for domestic use and exports textile products worldwide.

High-quality standard textile products are making their significant part in the international market. Pakistan is the eighth largest exporter of textile products in Asia.

Pakistan produces and exports bedding materials like bed sheets, blankets, cushions and other textile stuff. Bed sheets have a significant portion of Pakistani textile exports.

Pakistani companies are producing high-quality bed sheets at lower rates, making them more attractive to purchase for foreigners. These low prices are due to low production costs.

The thread count determines the quality of a bed sheet. Pakistani bed sheets are produced with a thread count between 200-800, which is more desirable.

Here is a list of companies manufacturing and supplying export-quality bed sheets.


Khantex is one of the most professional and leading bed sheet manufacturing and exporting companies in Multan, Pakistan.

It provides a wide range of bed sheets with different varieties and combinations of colours, making its products highly demanding in the international market.

They have been producing and exporting bed sheets for 35 years. Their bed sheets are hand-woven, and labourers use traditional khakis in their manufacturing.

They export bed sheets made of poly cotton, 100 per cent cotton, cotton rich and Egyptian cotton blends in different qualities and weaving techniques.

They export high-standard bed sheets in safe packing at a given delivery time.


Sifoz Apparel was founded in 2017 in Faisalabad.

They manufacture export-quality bed sheets with high-quality fabrics.

They export 91% of their bed sheets worldwide, especially in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Los Angeles, NYC, Georgia, Dallas, North Carolina, California, Pennsylvania, Indonesia, Bangladesh etc.


Multicom traders are one of Pakistan's leading bed sheet exporters and textile manufacturers.

They commit to their customers to produce the finest range of textile products.

They mainly manufacture and export organic cotton bed sheets. They produce hypoallergenic bed sheets with trending colours and designs.

They enhance healthy sleeping, especially for allergic people. They provide exceptional quality bed sheets to meet all your mattress needs. They are offering premium quality bed sheets at unrivalled cost.

Multicom generally exports bed sheets to Australia, Jordan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Belgium and china.


Yunus textile is one the leading manufacturer of textile products founded in 2001. They export textile products, especially bed sheets, worldwide.

Yunus textile employs multinational labourers to produce export-quality bed sheets.

They use modern technology, world-class knowledge and experience of more than 20 years to manufacture their products and to satisfy their customers.


Nishat chain is a top-rated company in the textile industry.

It was established in 1990, and now it is the largest bedding and textile manufacturer in Pakistan listed on the Pakistan stock exchange.

It is the fifth largest textile company in Pakistan which exports bed sheets worldwide. Their export rate determines the quality of their bed sheets.

Their bed sheets are highly demanded all across the world, which shows their excellence and professional services.

They make their name by exporting modest-style bed sheets to the international market.

They produce top-quality bed sheets using state-of-the-art machinery, making them more desirable than their rivals.

Nishat exports bed sheets to North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Their highly qualified staff ensure that their products will satisfy their customers' needs.


Sapphire fabrics company was incorporated in 1979 and gained popularity in Pakistan's bedding manufacturing department. It is a vertically integrated company producing cotton yarn and fabric.

They manufacture and export bed sheets all around the world. This company is a textile fabric giant offering premium quality bed sheets at reasonable prices.

The main reason for their high export returns is that they are exporting high-quality bed sheets at lower prices.

They export bed sheets to 35 destinations over the globe. They import technology from the USA, Europe and Japan to ensure that their products can fulfil all customers' requirements.

Sapphire mainly exports bed sheets to USA, Asia and North America.


JJ fabric is a well-known supplier, manufacturer and exporter of bed sheets in Pakistan.

They manufacture bed sheets according to international standards using high-quality fabric, fine dyeing, weaving, and stitching.

They focus on using the latest production techniques and employing highly professional workers to produce top-quality bed sheets and achieve the highest rank in the international export market.

JJ claims that its ultimate objective is to meet the diversified requirements of global textile buyers and importers. They try hard to make it possible that international buyers can get all their textile requirements from a single contact point in Pakistan.

They are working with qualified professionals with high textile knowledge and skills to meet the requirements and demands of international buyers.

They are exporting bed sheets in unique packing according to customers' instructions. They ensure the quality of their bed sheets by using up-to-date technology and the best dyes and chemicals.

JJ has a fully equipped modern lab to test and ensure quality parameters at every production stage.


Sitara textile was established as a manufacturer of bed sheets and other home textiles exported in 1956.

They maintain the quality of their bed sheets. They satisfy their customers based on quality.

They have a high international demand for their bed sheets. They provide great bed sheets to their customers and satisfy them supremely.

Sitara export bed sheets to China, Canada, New Zealand, South America, Africa etc


Pakistan is one of the countries that manufacture and export top quality bed sheets and successfully take a large portion of textile exports in the international market.

Bed sheets manufacturers are doing their best to provide premium quality products at lower prices to increase their exports.

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