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Bed sheets are used as an article for bedding made from different fabrics. These sheets protect the mattress from liquids and other harmful materials like dust mites and keep the mattress clean. Bed sheets also give your bedroom an appealing and impressive look.

Bed sheets are made of different materials like pure cotton, linen, nylon, cotton polyester, and Khaddar, according to the weather conditions. Pakistani manufacturers commonly use:
  • Khaddar
  • Pure Cotton
  • Cotton Polyester blends

Cotton bed sheets are absorbent and breathable with a soft texture, while polyester is famous for wrinkle resistance and durability.

Khaddar is a hand-made raw fabric produced on traditional Khaddi. It is the best option for winter.

The thread count often describes the quality of these sheets. The higher the thread count is, the softer the bed sheet is.

Bed sheets are available in King, Queen, Single, and Double.


The most famous brands for manufacturing Khaddar, cotton, and cotton polyester bed sheets are :
  • KhanTex
  • Usman Fabrics
  • RZM Collection
  • Khaadi
  • Saleem Textile Company
  • GulTex
  • Aziz Sons
  • Al-Rehmat Traders


Khantex is Pakistan's No 1-bed sheet brand.

Khantex not only sells bed sheets, but they are also manufacturing bed sheets at their factories. If you are looking for good-quality bed sheets, Khantex is the best option.

Khan Tex manufactures:
  • Pure Cotton Bed Sheets
  • Cotton Polyester Bed Sheets, Aka Multani Bed Sheets
  • Khaddar Bed Sheets

Khantex uses permanent dyes so that their bed sheet colour remains unchanged after each wash.

They use nonallergic colours. They also provide five years guarantee of their bed sheet's colour.

Their bed sheets are highly durable.

They manufacture Khaddar bed sheets which are hand woven with premium quality.

Their labourers manufacture bed sheets on traditional khaddis.

They are also manufacturing cotton polyester bed sheets. The significant advantage of these sheets is they are wrinkle-free.

Their pure cotton bed sheets are hypoallergenic and have a Major resistance to allergens.

People with sensitive skin can take advantage of nonallergic bed sheets.

The fabric of their bed sheets is easy to wash and dry. They use bright and fast colours.

Their beautiful traditional bed sheets' designs enhance your home's charm and beauty.

If you want to purchase bed sheets for dowry, Khantex is your dream place. You can buy Bed Sheets online at without any hesitation. Usman Fabrics and RZM Collection are sister companies of Khan Tex. They also manufacture premium quality Bed Sheets. Their Online Store Offers:

  • Free Shipping
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Ten days no question asked return policy
  • 30 days cash back guarantee


Khaadi is the leading brand in each field of textiles.

The Khaadi bed sheets' bright colours will bring sparkle to your room.

Khaadi is an expert in the manufacturing of pure cotton bed sheets. It provides cotton bed sheets with modern designs and long-lasting colours.

Pure cotton sheets are made especially for the summer season.

Cotton blends are produced to keep the body warm in winter.

Their prices are a bit high, but they seem normal when discussing quality.

They provide 24 hours customer service seven days a week. Online purchases are also available with shipping charges.


Saleem textile company was formed in 1986 in Pakistan. Saleem textile is a well-known manufacturer of bed sheets.

This company is a member of the Faisalabad chamber of commerce and the Pakistan textile exporter association. It is ISO certified company.

They produce high-quality products. They export their products worldwide, including in Spain, Italy, the middle east, Portugal, Singapore, and many other countries.

Saleem textile manufacturers:

Home bed sheets and blankets
Hotel bed sheets and blankets
Hospital bed sheets and blankets
Quilt covers
Cotton and poly cotton in plain twill and satin

Bed sheets include pillow covers, flat sheets, and fitted sheets. They provide white, dyed, printed bed sheets and all types.

Sampling is free.

Shipping is not free. Delivery time depends on the order placed, usually 60 to 75 days.


GulTex is a well-known manufacturer of bed sheets. They manufacture high-quality Bed Sheets on traditional Khaddis.

They manufacture woven and textile fabrics. They produce materials in an eco-friendly environment and have a complete check and balance in the production phase. They are manufacturing :

  • Multani Bed Sheets
  • 100% Pure Cotton Bed Sheets
  • Khaddar Bed Sheets
  • Cotton Polyester Bed Sheets

For 15 years, GulTex has officially closed its manufacturing unit in Multan. Since then, KhanTex has been manufacturing Top Quality Bed Sheets for Gultex. You can purchase GulTex Bed Sheets at the KhanTex website

Customers can purchase GulTex products online. They export bed sheets and blankets worldwide. They offer coloured and printed fabrics at negotiable prices. Delivery time is three days and can change according to order placement. Shipping is free.


This bed sheets manufacturer company was established in 1980 and has become the top manufacturer.

The company produces high-quality, affordable fabrics, making them highly popular among other manufacturers.

They also export bed sheets to other countries, especially in Europe, the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, the United States, the Netherlands, etc.

It is an ISO-certified company with monthly production of 1,000,000 flat sheets.

Details about price, shipping, and return policy are private. No MOQ information is available. They are manufacturing:

  • Bed sheets
  • Comforters
  • Cushion covers
  • Regular duvet sheets
  • Equities


Al-Rehmat traders is also a leading company in the textile industry. They manufacture superb textile fabrics in retail markets.

They manufacture:

  • Home bedding and blankets
  • Hospitality bedding and blankets

They produce bed sheets with 100% cotton material.

The dyeing, printing, and stitching qualities of this company are incredible.

They export mainly to Europe, North America, South America, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East.

Shipping is worldwide. Delivery time is 30 days which can change, and sampling is free. Prices are negotiable


Listed above are some significant manufacturers of bed sheets in Pakistan. The Pakistani textile industry is making good progress in the bedding department. These companies are selling their products online and providing them to other sellers for sale.

The data mentioned above about companies may change according to market conditions.

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