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After a long and tiring day, a good night's sleep is essential for your mental and physical health. Bed sheets play a crucial role in your relaxing sleep. 

Bed Sheets reflect your taste and can make your bedroom look more attractive.

Your home decor represents your choice, and bed sheets are necessary for this. With the many different colours, styles and materials available, you can easily select bed sheets according to your taste. 

 Your choice of a bed sheet can easily make or break your bedroom look. 



Pakistan has an ever-growing Bed Sheet industry. 

Top bed sheets manufacturing brands in Pakistan are supplying awesome bed sheet stuff with various fabrics and prints. 

To purchase export-quality bed sheets, you must go to a few finest exporter brands with fair price shops with high-quality fabric. It involves top-rated bed sheets manufacturers in Pakistan who are introducing elegant and comfortable top-class mattress sheets in Cotton, Silk, Satin, Velvet, Bambo and Gultex materials available in Single, Queen, or king sizes. 

We will talk about and evaluate the bedding of different manufacturers in addition to some elements that make the bed sheet worth buying.



Khan Tex is Pakistan's No 1 Jacquard Fabric Bed Sheet Manufacturer. Khan Tex is not only a seller, but they manufacture the bed sheets at their factories. 

If You are looking for top-quality Jacquard bed sheets, Khan Tex is the right fit. 

Khantex Manufactures: 

  • Cotton-Polyester Bed Sheets aka Multani Bed Sheets
  • Cotton-Khaddar Bed Sheets
  • 100% Pure Cotton Bed Sheets

Khan Tex Bed Sheets are:

  • Highly Durable
  • Wrinkle Free
  • Non-Allergic
  • Easy To Wash
  • Fast Colors
  • Beautiful Traditional Designs

Khan Tex Bed Sheets are made with non-allergic colours. Those colours are not only non-allergic, But Khan Tex also offers 5 Years colour guarantee for their bed sheets. 

If you are planning to buy a bed sheet for casual use or dowry, you can purchase Khan Tex Bed Sheets online without hesitation. Khan Tex offers:

  • Free Home Delivery
  • Cash on Delivery
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 10 Days No Question Ask Return Policy



Khaadi is a notable brand in PAKISTAN launched by "Shamoon Sultan" in 1998. It has become a leading brand in Small duration. 

If you want your bedroom's colourful and sparkling appearance, give a sincere chance to Khaadi bed sheets. Khaadi is famous for its bright colours. 

Some manufacturers provide compelling domestic add-ons, clothing, shoes, and different add-ons like fragrances for women, men, and children. You'll be happy to recognize that Khaadi is one of them. 

Khaadi has fifty-two shops in Pakistan. 21 in UK, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain. Khaadi is highly popular in the west.

The prices of these bed sheets are a little bit high with shipping fees, but according to quality, they are affordable. 

They provide a firm customer support policy. People can contact them 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



Do you want luxury and fashion together? Alkaram is the best option. 

Alkaram offers top-rate great domestic fabric in various colours and super blends. Their bed sheets are available in trending designs. 

Alkaram provides its customers with great sheets that could undergo challenging washing situations and sunlight. The colours of Alkaram are usually consistent with Pakistan's going tendencies and seasons. 

For kids' bedding, Alkaram provides sheets in designs which are enough to make the room bright.

Alkaram is very obvious and informative about the excellence of their brand, including thread counts. This feature makes this brand more attractive. They provide: 

Cotton-printed bed sheets

  • Solid bed sheets
  • Sateen luxury bed sheets
  • Kids printed bed sheets

Another unique element of this brand is its return policy. Customers can exchange their products within seven days of delivery. They do not offer any cash refunds.



Gul Ahmed is known as a top brand in Pakistan. They are providing bedding essentials at highly economical prices. You can buy any luxurious product at an affordable price by Ideas Home. 

They consistently choose designs and colours according to Pakistan's culture, season and fashion. Brown and blue are the signature colours of Ideas Home. 

They also provide luxury bridal bedding sets, animal prints and subtle floral prints. 

Gul Ahmed offers: 

  • Plane sheets
  • Bridal sheets
  • Kids collection 
  • Printed bed sheets

Gul Ahmed provides 24 hours customers support facility. 

They offer free delivery all over Pakistan. 

Their exchange policy is more attractive as customers can exchange products within 30 days of delivery. 



Nishat Linen is also a leading brand in Pakistan. 

Nishat linen is brilliant for decorating your beds with various colourful bed sheets. Their products are long-lasting than average products. 

They are famous for their innovative designs. 

Their bed sheets' colours are made of a mixture of different hues. 

Nishat Linen provides breathable and durable fabric which doesn't cause sweating in the summer season. 

Nishat provides bed sheets in different fabrics like satin, cotton, silk and velvet.

They offer:

  • Bridal set
  • Royal velvet sheets
  • Simple sheets
  • Kids sheets

Their prices are very high as they use the best quality material in their products. 

A shipping fee is charged. Exchange of products is not possible. 



Sapphire is a trustworthy brand in Pakistan. 

Sapphire is a famous lawn brand, but recently they have started their home care range. 

From the richness of Pakistani culture, they adopt different ideas and use them in their products, making them luxurious. 

Buying from Sapphire is like buying luxury. Sapphire is a master at creating natural hues. 

All products are available on their website with price tags. People can easily order from all around the world.

Sapphire is quite different from other brands as they provide luxury bedspreads for baby cots. 

Sapphire claims that they provide soft and luxury bedding, which is enough for your peaceful sleep. They offer: 

  • Daily bliss
  • Luxury embroidered
  • Luxury printed
  • Solid dyed
  • Fitted sheets
  • Hotel Bedding
  • Bridal Bedding

Sapphire provides the best customer support. Customers can exchange articles within 30 days of delivery. 

Refunds are not allowed in cash. They issue a coupon of the same value valid for the online store. 

Prices are high, and cash on delivery is available for nationwide orders.



Bed and Bath was founded in 1999. They come with the idea that every home should look lovely and comfortable. 

They create particular and great designs with modern-day trends. They process bed sheets in a state of the art colours and designs. 

Their key objective is to produce bed sheets in western designs using traditional Pakistani colours and hues. 

If you love Western designs with eastern touch, you must visit bed and bath stores. You can also purchase their products online. They offer:

  • Flat sheet
  • Valance sheet
  • Sheet set

Bed and Bath's return policy is impressive. They offer the exchange of products or return of funds as cash within 90 days of purchase. That's what makes this brand more attractive to customers. 

They also provide free shipping.



Bareeze domestic expression has been producing luxury and embroidered bed sheets since 1998. 

Bareeze gives distinct collections of silk, dulai and comfort velvet mattress sheets. They provide the most vivid colours and out-of-the-box designs. 

If you are looking for unusual hues, You can get blue, red, purple and yellow shades. 

For extra traditional human beings and tastes, Breeze has diffused beige and brown in addition to heat shades to supplement your bedroom's nice and cosy tones. 

No one can beat them in variety and pricing. You can avail of their exceptional customer support at the shop or online in Pakistan. 

Breeze domestic expression gives Bed linen series as: 

  • Embroidered
  • Exclusive
  • Solid
  • Printed 

Shipping is not free. You can quickly return your order and get cashback in your account within ten days of purchase. 

Their prices are not much high.



Chen one is high quality and affordable brand. 

You can buy bed sheets, pillows and other accessories at reasonable prices from here. You can change your bedroom to a luxury place for a nominal fee. 

They use all in fashion colours and designs like other brands, but their charges are low. 

Chen one additionally has a loyalty card policy. If you made a large purchase, sign up for their loyalty cards and get points on each buy.

They came into the market with a vision for quality products. They offer vast bed sheets, including bridal sets and kids' collections in different sizes. 

The main feature of this brand is they offer sales and gifts throughout the season on every product. 

There are almost 31 stores of Chen one in Pakistan. Customers can buy high-quality textiles at average prices from stores or online. They offer:

  • Studio Collection
  • Exotic Collection
  • Luxury Collection
  • Digital Collection
  • Solid Collection
  • Hotel Collection

Shipping is not free. Only products purchased from the website are exchangeable. 

A cash refund is not possible. Prices are not too high, but the quality is the best.



Fahad Kamran founded Windsor lino.

This brand gained high popularity in a short period. 

They aim to provide the best quality home textile at an affordable price. 

They offer flat 50% off on bed sheets almost throughout the year. They provide: 

  • Simple printed bed sheets
  • Luxury bed sheets
  • Kids bed sheets
  • Bridal sets

Customer reviews about this brand are excellent. Maximum customers give them five stars. 

Shipping is almost free. 

Customers can exchange products within 14 days of purchase. A cash refund is also possible.



Hutch is a luxurious bedding brand. 

They provide a wide range of bed sheets in different designs and materials. 

They offer simple plain bed sheets, printed sets and luxury textiles in trending colours to decorate your bedroom with elegance.

Their exchange and return policy are in favour of customers. You can exchange or return bed sheets within 30 days of purchase. 

Shipping is free. 



If you want quality and style together, Crescent home store is the best place to buy. 

They have everything related to bedding. 

In these days of hyperinflation, bedding has become too expensive. With Crescent budget-friendly, you can easily afford new bed sheets according to trending fashion. They are providing: 

  • Simple Bed Sheet Set
  • Luxury sets
  • Hotel Collection
  • Bed Spreads
  • Bedding Accessories

Their return and exchange policy is a little bit strict. There is no facility for a cash refund. Customers can exchange the product within three days of delivery. 

Shipping is not free. They offer all products at standard rates.



Apricot is one of the best bed sheet brands in Pakistan. 

They claim they work with the best manufacturers to provide high-quality products to their valued customers. 

Their prices are 10% to 30% lower than other bed sheets suppliers. 

Apricot gives a 100% guarantee of their products. They are offering: 

  • Printed double bed sheets
  • Printed single bed sheets
  • Satin bed sheets
  • Kids bedding

Customers can return products within 60 days of purchase. After 60 days, a refund is not possible. Exchange of products is possible after 60 days. 

Prices are high. 



Jamal home is a world-class bedding brand launched in 1990. 

They are manufacturing bed sheets with first-class fabric and trending designs. They offer deals, discounts and promotions throughout the year. They are manufacturing: 

  • Bed sheets
  • Duvet covers
  • Bedspreads
  • Filler's
  • Kids bedding
  • Summer quilt blanket

Customers can exchange products within 14 days of delivery. Cash return is not possible; however, they provide total payment vouchers, valid for two months. 

You can shop online products by using this voucher.



Multani gultex bed sheets have been among Pakistan's top bed sheet brands since 1926. 

Their products are hand woven with premium quality that will enhance the beauty of your room. 

Gultex manufactures bed sheets on traditional khaddis by the hardworking labourer. They are selling their products at affordable prices. They are offering: 

  • Cotton-Polyester Bed Sheets aka Multani Bed Sheet
  • Cotton Khaddar Bed Sheet
  • 100% Pure Cotton Bed Sheet

Note: For the past 15 years, Gultex has officially closed its factories. Since then, Khantex has been officially manufacturing top-quality Bed Sheets for Gultex. Khantex Offers: 

  • Free Home Delivery
  • Cash on Delivery
  • 5 Years Color Guarantee
  • 10 Days No Question Ask Return Policy

You can purchase Gultex Bedsheets online at



Bonanza home has been the top brand in Pakistan for 40 years. You can trust their textile range blindly. 

They provide a wide range of bed sheets according to the taste of their customers. 

Bonanza started in 1976 and is now a prestigious brand in the Pakistani textile industry. They have 80+ outlets in Pakistan.

Their printed bed sheets have a cultural impact like Ajrak, Kashmiri, Persian and tribal prints on cotton bed sheets.

Shipping is free. No cash refund is available. 

Customers can exchange products within seven days of purchase.



The Arshad group in the Textile industry develops Araish. They aim to provide luxury textiles for your home decor. They are offering online shopping facilities in Pakistan. They also offer a luxury hotel collection.

Araish offers: 

  • Embroidered bed sheets
  • Embellished sheets
  • Printed sheets

Shipping is free for orders of Rs 2000 or more. 

Exchange is possible within seven days of purchase.



Khas store is famous for its beautiful ideas in bed sheet collection. Their bed sheets can transform your room into a wonderland. They offer sales and discounts every year. Their collection consists of: 

  • Simple bed sheets
  • Hotel bedding
  • Kids and teen bedding
  • Luxury bedding

They gladly accept exchange between 7 days of purchase. 

Shipping is not free.



The textile tribe is one of the premium bedding brands of Pakistan launched by Umair Majeed in 2014. 

They always work according to global trends, and their prices are economical and budget-friendly. 

Their bedding range includes: 

  • Pillows, bed sheets collection
  • Duvet sets collection
  • Quilted bedspread collection
  • Cotton Stain bed sheets
  • Fleece bed sheets
  • Fitted bed sheets
  • Luxury bed sheets

Return of an item is possible within 15 days of purchase. 

Shipping is free above the order of RS/- 7000.



Diamond Group has been providing high-quality textiles since 1965. They offer premium quality bed sheets at exciting prices. They also provide unstitched bed sheets. They are manufacturing: 

  • Bed sheets
  • Pillow covers
  • Mattress covers

Return is possible between 7 days of purchase. 

The prices are reasonable.



Sitara textile is one of the prominent exporters of home textile in Pakistan. They provide: 

  • High-quality bed sheets
  • Duvet covers 
  • Pillow covers

Sitara textile claims that that doesn't compromise quality at any production stage. 

Exchange of product is possible within seven days of purchase. 

Shipping is not free. 

Customer review is good about their products. Most customers give 4-5 stars to their products and services.



Above mentioned brands are the most well-known bed sheet brands in Pakistan. These manufacturers are incredibly famous for their high-quality products and economical prices. They always follow new fashion trends and are loved by their customers. 

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